Where I Come From


Where I’m From


Layne Moore

I am from that small old town in Indiana.

From just a child playing in the back yard

to inosince taken at such a young age.

From hot summer days in the pool

to winter snow days out of school.

From the only worry in the world was the burn on your back,

to the court and having money for that little brown sack.

From videogames for fun

to cups of crazy.

From the long nights of wonder and shame

to the love of your life always whispering your name.

From that small old house to Foxmore lane

to all of the lies and putting your loved ones in vain.

From baseball being a summer joy

to dreading it and making it a chore.

From a compact room with only a bed

to a new city with big dreams waiting ahead.

From harsh and dark

to pure and loving.

I am from that small old town in Indiana


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My family
My community
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