Where I Come From...

Sun, 11/30/2014 - 19:38 -- cyngali


I come from rice and beans

The food of my people



And comforting

I come from dirt floors

The background of my parents




I come from a Mexican culture 

That embodies who I am

A fighter

A believer

A dreamer


Being Latina has brought stereotypes to my doorstep

No matter where I go

The color of my skin speaks for itself

My strong features define who I am


I am constantly potrayed in the media as




While I am soft spoken

Passionate about my roots

And determined to receive a college education


At an early age

I was taught that a fighter has "ganas"

The desire 

To put everyounce of strength into succeeding 

The "ganas" to work 

Twice as hard

The "ganas" to push 

Through the harsh words 

Said of  my culture

The "ganas" to be seen 

As more than the background of my parents


Cherishing the value of a degree

Has left partched

With a thirst 

That can only be quenched 

By pursuing a higher education


Even though my heart hammers with anxiety

Of judgement 

Of the prejudice 

I will not let my confidance diminish


I will suceed

And pursuing a higher education

Is the choice that I was able to make

I have the "ganas" to defy

The odds against me

But I know I can always fall back

On my true identity of being Latina

Where my rice and beans are served    


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