Where I Am From

Wed, 05/22/2013 - 23:05 -- Alex878

I am from reading the wondrous books in the world,
the brilliant authors who write them and bring them to the curious world,
like magic.
Where the books are so strong and so powerful,
they can control my feelings.
Sad, glad, afraid, excited, nervous, surprised, shocked, and angry.
Where when the books end, I am still thinking about them,
those wondrous books.
That’s where I’m from.

I am from a place I can’t remember,
I was so young, with the ocean as my backyard, splashing all around me.
Where almost everyone I loved was there, with me.
With the orange, wet, and slimy mango dripping down my bib and mouth,
and going all over me.
It’s time for a bath!
Where my little friends sat around me, laughing, smiling, and crying.
Nap time!
All of this was gone when I was two.
Now it’s time to get to know a new place. But
I still wonder where the old place can be,
The place where I am from.

I am from my best friend, who shared the good times,
and the bad, with me. Sharing friendship is how we did it.
Caring for each other, having a splendid time together,
talking about mysteries and strange things, giggling, and being silly.
Everything was shattered when she left.
I keep in touch with her to this very day, the person I’ve known for so long,
whom which I am from.

I am from the girl inside me,
caring and laughing. A sing-song type of person,
a delightful one, but sometimes a little mischievous.
A curious youngster, ready for adventure anywhere.
A dayful of fun tires her out every night.
As soon as her head touches the pillow, she droops off to sleep,
resting herself for the next day.
That’s where I am from….


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