Where I’m From

From Ruether and Morgan. From the Germans and the WelshI’m from Coty and the life lessons he taught. From the things we hid fromMom and laugh about to this day.I’m from the unwavering guidance of Brian. From the stern talking to’s andthe whistle that always let me know he was around.I’m from the unconditional love of Tina. From the I love you’s and hugs thatwarm my heart.From the family dinners around the dining room table and asking to beexcused.I’m from please and thank you’s and minding your manners.I’m from from passing the food, to passing the gas. From clearing yourplate to clearing the room.I’m from giggles and bedtime stories, from always kissing your mothergoodbye.From noogies and wet willies, purple nurples and rug burns.I’m from puppy kisses and teaching them new tricks.I’m from family gatherings at all major holidays. From going to the moviesafter Thanksgiving, to funny card games after Christmas.I'm from crazy grandmas to odd uncles, from knowing too much or notknowing enough.From the sweet raspberry tea, piano recitals, and the gummy vitaminsthat almost sent me to the ER.I’m from Disney movies and believing in magic. From the belief in fairiesand trips to the second star to the right.I’m from getting inside of the box and dreams that spoke at a very youngage.I’m from believing in yourself and never giving up on what you set yourheart onFrom being proud of who you are and never letting anyone tell you whatto do. From self confidence and the struggles it took to get me there.I’m from every friend that has ever believed in me and never let me down.I’m from those who show me nothing but kindness. From my supportersand even the ones who don’t like me that well.I’m from determination, courage, and desire. From the undying need to besuccessful in everything I do.I’m from learning from my past and never looking back. From hopefulbeginnings and walking fearlessly into the future.

This poem is about: 
My family


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