Where Did You Go,

I don't even know you.Your life story?

I haven't a clue.

where are you now? Where should you be?

Shouldn't you be right beside me.

We should be sharing these moments, life's beauty.

I've always needed you why cant you see.

1996 came with priorities.

I thought you knew. I have a job, I go to school, what more can I do

, to impress you.

My hearts been broken more times than a few.

You would think by someone else, but no it was you.

Who am i now? I have risen above this all without a doubt.

I have cried out for you,

from a whisper to a scream to a shout.

Come back to me, somehow find your way.

I wish i had my parents, I wish I had you guys everyday.

Love me always, here with me i want you to stay.

Watch me grow into who I am, never will you get the chance, so go ahead leave again.

You may...


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