Where Did It All Go?

Where did it all go? 

When had it left me?

My hopes, my dreams, my passion, my lust for life and success. 

Just disappeared like a thief into the night, as quietly as a gentle wind, and as unnoticeable as the smallest ant. 

But is it really gone? Or buried beneath insecurities and problems I'm too scared to face?

It's my hope that it's buried, that it isn't lost forever. 

It's my hope that I can regain my passion, my light and let it burn for the entire world to see. It's my hope that one day with same bare hands that buried it, that light will be found. 

It's my hope that people will see me not for what I've done but for who I am. 

I am more than a pretty face. 

I am a fighter, one who's will refuses to die. 

I am a giver, one who refuses to hold anything back. 

I am a lover, one who loathes the negativity and the words "I can't" or "I won't"

I am a dreamer, one who's wishes and goals for the future outweigh any possible obstacle or defeat. 

But I am also a person, one who realizes that all she could ever want or need may come with a price. 


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