Where Am I?

Where am I?

Am I here? Am I there?

Is it fair to say, I'm everywhere?

That's how I feel.


Why do I feel stuck? Trapped? Completely and utterly stagnant?

At the same time, I'm constantly running like the devil is on my heels.

Can't slow down, Musn't hesitate.

Want to stop moving but my feet don't cooperate.

Forever afoot, seemingly aloof,

While I'm searching and searching, for some kind of proof.

That my existence was relevant, that my time was not wasted.

Competition is tough, and so hard to face it.

"You must amount to something!" 

"You must impose your will!"

But maybe all I want to do is stop and stand still.

Relax and take a breath, give yourself a break

But stopping while others go is a risk I don't want to take.

They say "She's just a child"

"How much can we expect?"

Well this child doesn't have much choice, she has to be the best.

Its only a matter of time, until my legs give out from under me

Struggling and buckling through the force that is driving me.

"This is what'll make you who you are!"

"You're going places kid!"

Don't remind me.


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I really like this poem, I can relate to every single line

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