When You Were Mine

When you were mine I took care of you.

I didn't care that we were both girls,

I made sure you knew I loved you,

And you made sure I knew I was loved.

When I finally told my mom about us

You sat with me and held me as I cried.

When she didn't talk to me, you made sure you knew I was loved.

When she ignored me, you loved me.

As the months went on we grew closer. 

We had plans.

But the universe had other plans for us, 

And it split us apart.

I will never forget the times you held me as I cried,

Or the times you let me sit with you and just be,

Or the times you kissed me just because,

Or the first time you said those magic words

"I love you, no one is perfect, but you're perfect for me".

You told me things I never thought I'd hear,

And protected me from people who wanted to hurt us.

You helped me learn who I am, and for that I thank you. 

I will never forget you.

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