When you bleed.

Sun, 02/07/2016 - 20:09 -- Dukes

Ears red, heart black, life blue
It's like I see myself different, because it's my view
Sadness carries you through the skies
I can't find my door out it's like I have these unwanted ties

Biceps through walls and heart soaked in water
Cracks appear through the pitch black
Mouth sewn and body stabbed moving with a totter
My soul shuts out everything that hurts me and all the lies

I’m loved with hugs and smiles that fade away
My life sees them and searches for the hope if it’s there anyway
Help! Help! I scream, but no one hears my silence
Everyone shouts at me saying stop, stop the violence

The american flag waves mocking me
“Freedom!” “Freedom!” Then why does my soul keep me hostage
My thoughts won’t let me leave
My beating in my chest leaves me weak and exhausted

I scream at every punch thrown into my whirlpool of chaos
Why can’t I just stop and go into stasis
This thing called being ‘human’ fills me with nothing, but making me feel lost
I don’t know where I belong my feelings in my stomach are being rapidly tossed

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