When will it end?

Give me the mic

there is much that I must say

there is so much going on in our world today

I turn on the news, oh, another death

A child missing their mother, father, sister,aunt,or uncle is all that is left

a grieving family left to plan their going away

but who cares? We would rather hear about celebrity arguments or what they ate that day

When will it end? When will we stand? When will our brothers and sisters not be afraid to join hands?

When will we love one another? Where is the unity?

When will we  start valuing ourselves and stop potraying ourselves on television with our nudity?

When will we give a helping hand to those who really need the help? 

instead of giving money to millionaires who already have wealth?

When will we start to remember that everyone is different?

free to walk the halls, not afraid that anyone will pick on them

When does it end? 



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Our world


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