When Will it be Interesting?

To those who turn a blind eye

To all the happenings of the world

“it’s not interesting enough”

“it doesn’t affect me”

“why should I care?”

Imagine this

You’re 7 feet under ground

Your children’s children are 7 feet above

Asking the elders why no one fought

When there was still time

To make a change

Where are the white bears

Of the continent that was cold and white?

What happened

To the caps of ice on mountains?

Why are there people starving?

Why is there discrimination?

Why can’t the lovely couple down the road get married?

Because it’s Adam and Steve not Adam and Eve

But that’s ok, right?

Because you don’t care

It doesn’t affect you

It wasn’t interesting enough

When will it be interesting?

When you’re 7 feet under

And your children’s children are 7 above

Whispering why? 


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