When Two Wholes Collide

And maybe love isn’t always

a passionate kiss and intimacy,

but rather,

a tight embrace that whispers, 

“I’m sorry. Let’s not fight,” 

than spilling words out to each other

in the heat of the moment that you would later regret. 


Maybe it isn’t about buying her black lace underwear 

expecting her to wear it for you every night.

Maybe it’s leaving her pill bottle next to her phone 

with a glass of water — with lemon, of course — as a reminder that things

can get better with a little help. 

Maybe love isn’t about giving 50-50 each way.

Maybe it’s about giving 100 

when that person’s greatest demons 

come to visit for the day. 


Maybe love isn’t about writing how beautiful her body was the first time you saw it 

and how you’d have never seen anything more raw and natural. 

Maybe it’s about writing how she makes your soul dance in the rain 

and how it also makes your heart ache from time to time when both sides are being stubborn. 


Maybe it’s not about saying I love you every second of every day,

but showing in the simplest of ways like, “Text me when you get home so I know you’re safe.” 


Maybe it’s not about a vow that you both swear to keep but an understanding 

that sometimes things don’t work out and sometimes they do. 


So because I love you, 

I want you to recognize your own value

because you’re a lot more likely

to put up with mistreatment 

that you don’t deserve

if you don’t.


I do not want my love

to fill the empty parts of you.

I want to remind you

that you are yours

before you are ever anyone else’s.


I’d like to help you—

and myself,

remember that we are always friends first,

before we are lovers

so if the time ever comes that we 

go our separate ways

that is okay.


Because remember:

the sky is still the sky without me,

I cannot stop the clouds from coming,

nor move the ones already there,

and so once more,

that is okay.


And because I love you,

I want myself to be so complete,

I could light up the world

and then,

I want to have you

‘cause us two as a whole,

can set the sky on fire.

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