When Trust is Gone

Tue, 04/12/2016 - 16:41 -- vtomas

I might be better off just saying that

I can't write worth a thing.

Some people think a pretty face

will let you go and sing,

but really in the end, it's talent that really matters.

No matter what they say about it, no matter how it flatters.


I can't stress enough and say that I don't need a lot.

And what I do need isn't made, it isn't seen or bought.

You can't touch it or buy it, as one movie said.

It's faith that I really need, and that's all in my head.


You could take away my family,

my rights, my freedom, my words.

You could take away my job and money,

it's sad and it hurts,

but it's better that than my faith in Christ,

how crazy that may seem.

Because I have no passions, loves or hobbies,

I have no goals or dreams.


I have but one moment, and that will live forever,

and it isn't based off money or wisdom- I don't have to be clever

in order to know that all I need is peace and faith,

and love, and joy.

The things you find in a little boy.


Without those things, I'd be dead.

I'd retreat back into my little head,

a head full of thoughts that can't get out

without some sort of love to let me shout,

without my joy, my faith and love,

without my peace I'd just sort of...

fade away. I wouldn't exist.

That's why even when trust is gone, my faith will still persist.

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