When something doesn't go our

When something doesn't go our way,

Most people wouldn't generally think of a solution,

Or try to stay calm and assess the situation,

But since childhood,

We've always responded with some kind of tantrum,

Or a child-like cry,

Because we're children.


We don't have any critical skills,

When we're children. 

We don't understand why rules are there,

When we're children.

We can't comprehend why anything goes anyway,

When we're children.


However, when we're adults,

At least in an advanced society,

We're taught critical skills in some way,

While we are children,

So we can understand,

Why there are rules,

Why nothing goes our way,

And why some people just don't think like us.


But when we become adults,

Like when the law says we're adults,


Adults aren't really adults,

Because some still act like children in their own little ways.



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