When Perspective Makes it Awesome

When I nanny in the smallest space,

They forget the tissue and use my face,

I smile in their choking embrace

Cause making money is awesome!

My dog who’s tail hides the foulest smell

Into Satan’s realm it fell

But it smelled too bad to stay in hell,

Doggie love is awesome.

When babies laugh for hours on end

Their little hands slap my annoying friend

Life is totally good again

Karma is super awesome.

When you find someone who gets your brain

Who knows that you’re totally insane,

But bromance rages with no shame

Friendship is seriously awesome.

If we focus on what’s going wrong,

We’ll never hear victories song

Or see that guy hit in the dong

Youtube is really awesome.

Let’s make some noise let’s hear a cheer

And realize we’re all humans here

We have our doubts we have our fears

But mistakes can turn out awesome.

Don’t be scared to show yourself

Life’s too short to be someone else

My dog could fart and your brain could melt

Isn’t perspective awesome?

The good, the bad, the ugly too,

How it looks depends on you,

A change in mindset will get you through

Cause everything is awesome!

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