When my soul become still

When my soul became still


Hush hush listen closely to what I have to say

You only have one life so choose how you may

Why did I have to open my heart 

Why did I say I love you

Why did I even take the chance to see 

Why did I even open the door so quickly

*** I realized that within my heart I saw and felt I had never stopped loving you yet I tried my hardest to suppress my true feelings***

What was I searching for that made me so eager to try 

I wanted to love you but did I really know why

I wanted to embrace you and hold you close

I wanted to belong I wanted to feel

 now my soul cries out it’s getting dark in here!! 

It’s a lot and too much to carry

Please shine the light so my heart to can merry

I’m trying to regain what’s let of me 

but just like that

My souls rocks alone silently. 

Telling myself that I will be okay

Still as I rock, rock to the rhythm of my heart

I’m speechless, what can to say?

My Mind is retracing of memories I’ve kept

Wondering what went wrong 

If only correcting my choices 

Just maybe that will help.

I’m eager to love wanting to love hard 

Choosing whom I love comes straight from my heart.

I have no secret agendas nor do I like to play

Especially when I connect with you

I’m yours and with you I will stay.

Don’t say or do anything that you are not ready for 

If I’m not whom you want let us both just close this door.

Walk away of love that’s unrequited 

This time I pray that this loneliness will be lifted 

Tears flows, spilling out how much I loved and went hard for you

Even if In secret we shared a true bond “ IT WAS ME AND YOU”


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