When to Let Go

Tue, 04/22/2014 - 12:42 -- AJGK0


The sweat, the soreness, and the beating sun

None of which stopped me from pushing harder

There was not a few girls, but a ton

My coach told me I would be the teams starter


Becoming more sore each and every day

Only made me realise I loved the play

The very first game

I gained some shame

For which I would not play

Tomorrow or the next day


The pain grew on me that my soccer career was over

Today, tomorrow, and the next days became harder to bear

Blowing out my knee during a game only made me want to make a wish on a four leaf clover

Poeple assumed that it was just a bruise but in reality it was a tear


The whole season I would not tell

That seeing my postition be replaced

All because I fell

I guess being over confident in my season gave me a little taste 


I soon had to let go

Whether I was feeling high or feeling low

My soccer career is done

But today a whole new chapter begins with more fun

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