When it is my turn to sail the sea

Whatever will come will be

Whoever shall die will sail the sea

Liberated from life’s shores

Cast into death

On to a place of love

 Passing the test


Lost moments, never to be reclaimed

Moments of fear and anger and whose to blame

Regret, nothing more

No looking back, there is much to explore


Loved ones unable to tell

Of salty air or putrid smell

A hollow feeling, deep inside

Of days and nights passing by

I wait and wonder what I shall see

When it is my turn to sail the sea



I like it. Was there a particular meaning you have behind it?


To me the meaning of this poem is death. This entire poem kind of just tells my views on death which is simply whether or not you like it you're going to die. However, I am open to any new interpretations, sense all writtings, from novels to poems, belong to their readers.

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