When I'm Trying To Explain Anxiety To A Stranger

Fri, 01/05/2018 - 15:56 -- dmason

Dear Stranger,


Anxiety is like a whirlwind of emotions that hits you all at once

You may feel happy then boom; you are hit by an overwhelming thought of panicky sadness!

Your heart begins to race

Your lungs burn as you try to take in air.

It's as if you just got done running a marathon!


Your mind is swarmed with thoughts of the past, future, and present 

You think about past events that you wish could be changed. 

Or worry about things that you think you know will happen. 

Thoughts like why didn't I do this, or should I have not done this?

Now that I have done this what will happen now?

Did I completely mess up or did I do it right?


You'll get this urge in the pit of your stomach:

It will turn to fear...

Complete total fear!

You'll fear the mistakes you made in life;

The what ifs,

The should I's and shouldn't I have done this,


By now your conscience has been taken over by anxiety.

You no longer have control

Your heart continues to throb as if it will shoot right out of your chest!

Your breaths are searing your chest as if you are engulfed in flames!

You panic because there is no other logical thing to do!


You can't breathe...

You can't talk...

You can only cry in pain. 

That is what an anxiety attack is like,

It's something that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy!

It's like being cast into a lake of fire for an eternity...

Seconds become minutes...

Minutes become hours...

Completely helpless at the mercy of a merciless pain. 


If this world is a hellish world 

Anxiety would be the torturous battlefield!

Living with anxiety is like walking through an unchecked minefield 

All it takes is a tiny trigger and your mind explodes and anxiety takes over. Then as soon as it's over you get hit with another... and another. 

Completely, Utterly, Unpredictable...

That is Anxiety! 


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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