When I First Found You

When I first found you
I don't know how old I was

But it was a long time ago

I had fallin for you since the first day I met you
Reading through your pages and words
Understanding others pain and feelings through your works

I wanted to do that too

I set out to work
I was a little rusty at first (and sometimes I still am)
But we've come to understand each other
Me and You

I'm the mastermind and you're my right hand man

Because of you
I've gotten through some painful things
Bullying, parents, boyfriends, loneliness, friends
Without you by my side, I wonder would I have gotten through it all

Thank you, for it all

You helped me to express myself, but also to enjoy myself
The joy and longtime friendship that you've provided is something rare
It's not something you can find just anywhere


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