When I Am Myself

When I am myself
I get to be the true me
I don't have to hide my feelings
I can let my joyous smiles and bubbling laughter go
I get to be the proud senior who graduates
In the top six of her class
I get to be the inspired helper
Of a special education teacher
When springtime rolls around
I'll be walking in line
With my fellow graduates
Accepting a diploma and going on my way
To be a special education teacher
When I am myself
I can let my musical talent shine
With my fingers gliding across the piano
I set myself free 
With the singing voice inside of me
But only few get to see  
The wonders of who I am
When I am myself
With school starting again
I let my abilities shine through my work
I wonder about my friends 
And worry about graduating
I think of all the times past
But now I don't have to think
What people see in me and if they'll be my friend
Because I don't have to worry about others
As long as I stay true to myself
And I always will try to
When I am myself
Nothing compares to the love
Jesus has for me
He loves me when I fail
And holds me when I'm scared
He guides me through every day
And helps me as scares come my way
But He is proud of me the most
When I am myself


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