When High School is Over


When highschool is over and graduation begins,

there'll be laughter and joy and faces wth grins.

When highschool is over and life offers choices,

My words will be heard, my thoughts will have voices.

When high school is over, my life will commence,

My dreams and aspirations fulilled from now hence.


When college is over and the real world begins,

my educatin finished and my career growing limbs.

When college is over and I have my degree,

Life has no limits, I'll finally be free.


I'll make friends,

I'll change lives,

I'll be great,

I'll be fine.


A world so wide,

and I'm along for the ride.

The journey is long,

there are bumps in the road,

but I'll keep skipping along,

and humping my load,

because all you can do,

in a word so grand,

is carry your load,

and offer a hand.


So when high school is over,

thats what I'll do,

I'll carry my load,

and change lives too.









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