When Education Is Lost


Automatic voice

Teacher talks despite herself

Even she is bored


Someone’s head bobs back and forth

As if to keep conscious


I feel myself fade

I feel myself disappear

Until I’m gone


But it doesn’t bother her

She doesn’t put on her face


All of us stare out

Farther then the classroom walls

Everything, nothing


Waiting, waiting, waiting gone

We hear homework and come back


But just for seconds

Because now we’re wondering

What we’ll have for dinner


He sings lyrics in his head

And she thinks about he


Really, no one cares

And It’s surprising how much

We all can’t care


Phones, rest, reminders of our own lives

Keep us alive, but just enough


To keep us sitting

That’s what we’re supposed to do

Too tired to make war


Even the window flea attempts escape

He slams himself on the glass with desperation


The girl next to me

Starts to hold her breath

I think she’s trying to pass out


The clock hand slows down

It starts to crawl and laugh at us


Is it possible?

All this talking will make us sick?

We all look so ill


We’re static and half awake

This is one of the slow times


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