When Does It End?

I have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to fear

So why, why do I stand behind this curtain

Afraid to let them see that this is who I truly am

That this is how I was made to be?

She loves the taste of laughter, she loves the warmth of friendship

So why, why does she hide this from the world?

Who is this person that wants to talk but somehow just can't seem to get the words out?

This is me, the one who's been hiding all this time.

The curtain is just beyond my reach.

I can't bring myself to draw it back

To show the world that I don't lack a voice

So why, why doesn't it come out?

When does it end?

When will I finally step out from behind this mask

And not be ashamed of who I am?

I want to break free and let them see

The ones who say, “Show us the real you”

I want to so badly, but it's just so hard to do.


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