Whats So Good About Growing Up?


    Whats so good about growing up?

Being a kid,to be young to me, is to be happy

It's inevitable, growing up physically is a must,

but who said anything about mentally?

I believe if you keep that imagination, that childllike innocent

life will belong to you. Life is about living. Grownps

 dont seem to be living, just exsisting. Exsitence

is just a concept of "being". I dont simply want

to be, but i want to be alive!


    Oh to be young.

Being young is a state of mind. It's how you

perceive the world around you. Yet it is unchanging,

ignorance and inocents go hand in hand

when you are a child.Once those dissapear,

you are thrown in to the unknown word of adult-

hood. Or as they call it "The real world" .

There is no true concept of real, but

only what you make of what is real

I say age is only number , and we do growup

but being young all depends

on you and your mentality.


    Tell me again

, whats so great about being a grownup?

A child like mind does not mean you do not have

a sense of responsibility and maturity

but understanding and an unknown

amount itelligence and flexibility.


As i said before ,

growing up physically is inevitable

but dont leave behind the memories, good

times , imagination, and innocents

that has shaped us into who we are

but bring along the childhood

along with growing

stay young as long as

you can mentally



there's nothing great

bout being agrownup that

cannot wait





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