What's so funny?


No offense to the good people but 

You yank my hair, your weave ain't good enough?

You speak chinese now, I bet learning it was real tough.

Sorry, I don't have fried rice and wings for lunch today.

Like I was going to give you some anyways.

No, I will not do your homework.

No, I don't have money sorry I'm not your clerk.

And NO SIR I will not be your little freak!

Damn you look super weak.

No I will not let you touch me!?

Come on, I DARE You to punch me!

You claim I know kung fu.

Yo, only if you knew how bad I could hurt you.

Stop trying to squint your eyes around me, I can see you just fine.

Keep on talking until you finish your last line.

Nevermind, just stop.

You're boring, I'm yawning.

Wake me up when your done making fun of me.

Because I still don't know, what's so funny?


Why you got to be a bully?

Making fun of my race amuses you that much.

I'm not a fool or embarassed, that's you truly.

You look and talk but clearly won't touch.

Let me tell you something about yourself.

Something that's more funny than you picking on me.

If you were a book, you won't even be picked off the shelf.

Man, who would even want to read your story.

How about you grow a brain!

Because my day won't be ruined by your rain. 

My life is moving on and your still irrelevant.

I already get enough from my family

so what makes you significant?

To my life!

Do I cry over your words? No. 

Do I fear you? No.

Do I care?   No.

What do you expect? 

You haven't destroyed me, matter fact you didn't even hurt me. 

I'm not cocky but I take pride for what I am. 

What about you?

So while your laughing at me, I'm laughing with you.

Laughing at a fool.

Laughing at the fact that I know I'm better than you.

So What's so Funny Again?

I didn't comprehend the first time. 


But it's cool, I can't stoop down to your level.

I'm heavenly while you clowning with the devil.

I still believe in equality.

My skin color should not define me.

I'm still kind while you're still sinning. 

So whose a loser now? Cause I know I'm winning.

Now that you're wondering what's so funny

I'm having the last laugh. 

Have a great life though






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