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Wed, 04/02/2014 - 16:21 -- __zco

Someone new wants to be my friend

I just accepted their request

He's a very funny guy

He says he lives in Key West.

He is very friendly

With him i relieve my stress

He makes me feel better

With him im at my best.

He's beginning to get quite intimate

But im very comfortable with him

The number of texts im willing to send

Arent to very slim.

He wants to come visit me

He will be here in short time

For this trip he said

He saved up every dime.

Today I went to go see him

But came back with cuts and bruises


Im always the one that loses.

He was never really real

But I had fallen for this person

From head to heel.

The profile was a fake

Some girls at school made it

In hopes that it would get me to ache

I wonder why on this ride

I didnt press the break.


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