What's Love?


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Love? What does that mean? It means that you... wait... I haven't learned what that is just yet. I sit as a young woman waiting impatiently for whom to show me the way to his heart of justice. Now I don’t mean justice like how justice met lucky with braids so beautiful they’ve stretched over 20 years. I mean justice like someone who may get mad enough to act but he still stay with me no matter what You can avoid love but You can’t invade love. So my question is what is love is a hand over face when are not obeying or is it a hand in the other with a smile on your face because you are where you want to be!



This is a good poem because it's decribing a tru meaning of what love means. To me it's saying that you are the person that makes love


Peace! Thank you so much Poetry has been a very unique element on my periodic tabled life.

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