The filter
It's something that sometimes makes me feel so good inside
It's something that enhances the beauty that I can't see inside of  myself
So I need this filter 
I can just see myself using this filter
Because it makes me feel enchanted 
Like a cloud of likes and smileys and faces to make me feel appreciated  for once in my natural born life
It covers up all the negativity and all the doubts in this world
This lifetime that I'm in
It makes me wonder if the world is as cruel as seems
But that's just a cover up 
 And I need to realize that
The people of this world don't care about me
  And I need to realize that
As I'm writing this poem I'm getting clarity for myself
I'm starting to learn about me
And the way that I'm meant to be
But I can't do that by hiding behind a camera 
And maybe hoping one day that someone will except and love me for me and not for what I can bring to the table
I don't want to be just some "fat ugly trying to look cute  looking girl" in some picture
I want to be me!
I want people to see me become an amazing powerful young woman 
I want to find my voice since I have recently  lost it
I want to be heard 
But I can't keep using this filter
Because it's hiding me 
No one else can know me as well as me 
Now Why am I talking so much?
Oh! I know why it's because I want people to know that I exist 
That I don't want to stay in the background forever
That's not my destiny 
That's  not the plans that God, my savior has for me
And that is why I don't need ANY filter
Because God has created me in his will 
He has a plan for me that I still need to figure out
So I need to stop putting in so much doubt 
As I'm talking to you I feel that you can relate to me and the way  that I feel
Now hopefully you don't look less of me 
This was something hard to write 
Becuase I had to look deep inside myself 
To put these words on  this page
To put myself on display 


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