What is Your Viewpoint?


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How do you convey your message in life?

Where were you from and what were the conditions?

Does this explain the reason for you acting like so?

They say it takes a vilage to raise a child, but once the child is mature enough to understand this old saying can the village be given credit for what is done by the child any longer?  Who is to blame?

Ignorance is bliss but don't pray on it.  

You wanna breathe and get out?  Escape the imaginary walls your internally developed society built up?

I can help you with that.

I can help you learn to breathe and see things from a new viewpoint, cause you need to change your perspective if it ain't working the way you want it to.

If you still wanna breathe and get out of these phony walls then stop being phony yourself.

I can help you with that: Just be yourself.


Don't be ignorant, because true bliss is the intelligence our brain is capable of.

The space in your noggin opens the lock of ignorance that's been closing the door of knowledge this whole time.  

Change your viewpoint on life, cause if you're the one that's struggling then you need to get your priorities in order and start acting like the person behind the closed door.

Change your viewpoint.

No one else placed the lock on the door, you did.

So again I ask you: can the village take fault, or is it the individual?


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