What You Should Mean

When you said the phrase, "because I love you", 

I thought you really meant it,

I didnt think you were taking advantage of me, 

I just thought you really meant it.


When you asked me to cut off everyone that was important, 

Because you were scared I wouldnt have time for you, 

I gladly agreed because you said you were asking "because I love you",

And I just really thought you meant it. 


All the times you asked me to change, 

Because I wasnt who you wanted me to be,

I made my mind and body different, not someone I envisioned to be, 

Because I really thought you meant it. 


Now I know what that phrase is really supposed to mean, 

When you hear it from someone who really does love you, 

Because now when I think to those times of you,

I know you never really meant it. 


What you should have said instead, 

Was "I want the best for you...because I love you", 

Because if you really loved me, 

You would have never asked me to change. 


Or maybe when I wanted something different in my life, 

You could have said, 

"I support you...because I love you" 

But you would have ever said that, because you never really meant it. 


But today I am stronger, 

Knowing what this phrase should really mean, 

that it shows real love and true affection,

so when the next time someone says "because I love you",


Ill know they really, really meant it. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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