What You REALLY Want


You want to hear what we have to say?

                What do you want?

                                Angst-ridden teenage poetry? Or a hormone-drenched dump of feelings?

This—this is a part of the system. Creative people attempting to prompt the younger generation.

                But it’s still a damn game. We’re writing to evoke you, we’re writing to win.

We’re all facing massive amounts of debt for college, and hoping you’ll like us enough to pay.

                You really want to know what’s on my mind? Answwer this for me.

                                Why do parents reject children, forcing them on their own at 16?

                                                I’m barely old enough to drive, let alone support myself.

But here I am.

Go ahead, try and push me to my breaking point.

I’ve already been there.

Try to beat me. I’ve already conquered the worst of my enemies.

                I refuse to quit. I refuse to let anyone else win.


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