what you give is what you receive


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if you give bad vibes, you will receive worse vibes
if you make fun of someone, someone will make fun of your mom
if you steal from someone, you will get rob from your random enemy
if you lie, the truth will come out
if you cheat, you will get caught
if you love, you will receive love
if you help someone that is from your heart, you will be bless
if you heal someone, you will be cure
if you lend a helping hand, you will form allies
if you honor, you will be respected
if you do right, it will lead you to triumph like winning a war in combat
if you do wrong, karma will come and bite you worse than a pitbull attacking a cat

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Inspiring. You send the message that if you do good, you will be rewarded and if you only wreak havoc, there will be major consequences. This poem promotes helping others, and more people should take this to heart and make a difference in the world.

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