What You Can't Say To Your Teachers...About Your Teachers


Monotony, lectures, homework, and papers

Make things more interesting.

You think you can make me interested by cracking jokes

like eggs over a broken stove. 

But it matters not how many you break; nothing will happen in your favor.

No smell of eggs scrambling. No participation from the students you put down.

I refuse to laugh at my classmates' expense.


Everyone concentrates on the students

"Don't Bully" 

kids go to counselors for help with student bullies

but can't say anything about teacher bullies.

Here is where age makes a difference.

That master's degree you have makes your bullying covert.

Taboo to talk about.

I can't stand it anymore.


Make jokes, make fun, make me hate you. Make me wish we had better versions of you,

you who make my friends feel stupid.

Make me wish we could afford to pay the better versions of you better.

Make me wish you were one of the teachers to be cut

instead of my favorites.

Make me wish I could go somewhere else.

I like to learn,

I just want to spite you

and your foolishness

and your harassment.

You disgust me.

And I can't do anything to stop you

from doing the things I hate most.


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