What Would You Change


Why are we never fully content with ourselves?

Because we are selfish.

Change for the good or change for the bad?

I'm content with the person I am on the inside ,

But on the outside, I'm just some girl with big thighs and a chubby waist.

Why can't I just be completely content with who I am?

Society has a voice on everybody's opion of them selves.

I don't want people thinking I can't do things because of my weight.

I don't want to be that person with "potential". 

Why can't I change? 

People have told me I don't have enough self drive, but I do I know I do.

Yes, my weight holds me back but with my smile and confidence you could never tell.

I want to change. 

I want to change, when I'm ready to change.

I don't want people telling me why or how I should change.

I want it, all of it to my self.

We are selfish.

Only we can want change for our happiness.

I'm ready to be content with my self.


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