What Would I Change...

I'd make sure I had been heard.

I'd spit those words out so fast.

That they would have to stop and listen to me.

Because words are heard better.

When they aren't stumbling over each other.

I'd make sure that ignorance is unlawful.

I'd tell them to listen to their heart and not the morals.

They were taught by society.

I'd tell them that the word "slut" cuts into my skin.

Just like his words told me I was just the color of hands.

I would tell them I am human.

That I am not a second-class citizen.

No matter how many times my body tells them otherwise.

I'd stand on my feet and shout the word choice.

Till my voice turned to ash.

I'd tell them to listen to my words.

Because theirs scraped and bruised me.

Till I had none left.

I'd regain my voice faster than they can say "rape".

Because words are worst when they're followed with a hollow laugh.

I'd be heard.

And across the world.

They would all stop and stare.

Because my words had cut deep.

And sewn a new heart into society. 



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