What Would I Change?


What would I change?

So many things

Easy to explain

But hard to proclaim


Others tear you down

Say you're not original

That they feel the same

But they've made no change


These feelings of self hatred are rooted deep in myself

 I hate everything that I do or I say

I feel so out of place

Oridinary, a disgrace


You wouldn't notice me in a crowd of faces

Unless you were looking for horrid disfiguration

Changing myself would be oh so hard

I'd be too lonely without the hate that I harbor


Seeing a mirror is like facing Voldemort

I hate it, I avoid it, and I look no more

Or facing a mirror is seeing a friend

To help make your spirits rise again


I hate how I am in socialization

I overexamine and gain humilation

Whenever I can I avoid them all

It's a balancing act, and I'm known to fall


So what would I change, if I know I could?

I'd change myself in all ways I knew

Because being this way shouldn't be romanticized

Only Shakespeare could idealize


Changing myself would clearly be first

That's what you do before changing the world

This view that I have could be metamorphosed

Into something much more glorious


You have to stay positive to gain anything

You'll be six feet under if you stray away

Time to time is certainly fine

Anguish is part of turning the tide


True change starts forlorn

It's universal, something we've learned long ago

Being a light in the darkness of yourself

Will be how the world changes itself 



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