What Would I Change

What would I change?

The question lingers in the air

One thing

Only one thing to change

Options circle in and out

Which would make the biggest difference

Would I change an event?

If i could go back and rewrite history,

Would that be worth it?

Would letting J.F.K live,

Change the status of America today

Would pointing Columbus to India,

Have minimized the causualties on American soil

Would offering Lincon a different play,

Have freed those who were looked down upon earlier

Would I change the people?

If I could make a better human race,

Would it be for the good?

Would eliminating difference,

Make us appreciate one another

Would stopping filthy habits,

Create a healthier and prouder people

Would pushing everyone to get along,

Really make us a better people?

Would I change myself?

If I could make the life I have I wish I could,

Would it be what I really want?

Would fixing the shape of my body,

Really stop inner shame later

Would being older

Stop me from wishing to be young again later

Would wishing for different talents

Prevent the dread of being talentless in the end?

What would I change?

If given so much power,

You must remember the responsibility

Remember that every action

Has an equal or opposite reaction

So what would I change?

I wouldn't change anything

Since in the end 

One change would only

Beg for so many more


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