What we have lost

Mon, 04/15/2019 - 11:12 -- bebopEd

What have you lost?

What have I lost?

A sin we sentence ourselves to

Losing someone we love

Someone we would never lose

Someone you swore to forever keep from being lost to you

To lose someone for something else
An exchange you were forced to make

An exchange of hearts just waiting to be broken as soon as one enters your chest while theirs is ripped away from you

A stab of betrayal into the heart no one wanted.

As your regret slowly slithers onto your shoulders and into that new heart inside your chest as you tell yourself

“It’s my fault!”

The regret gets inside your head and it tells you once again

“It’s your fault!”

Regret blinds your eyes with tears because there is too much inside of your head and you can’t let it out

So we cry

We cry a downpour of everlasting loneliness onto a soil of judgement and too many feelings that have been jumbled together by our new and broken heart

We cry until there are no tears left

Then from the regret, a dandelion grows

A dandelion of hope where our regret can disperse

So we cry

And we cry

And we cry

But sometimes the regret remains

How do we live with this broken heart we never asked for?

And this head full of regret for losing that one person we swore we would never lose?


You cry

So that one day maybe all of those tears can clear your fragile eyes

Like the clear bright sky after a severe storm

You cry so that one day maybe you could forget the regret in your head and question why you were crying in the first place

You cry to fade the lyrics of that sad song always playing your mind so you can’t sing along anymore

You cry so that one day maybe that dandelion will grow and evolve and you can make a wish

Not a wish for a new heart

But a wish to have the strength to mend the broken heart that you were given

Not a wish to numb the pain they left you with you

But a wish to be able to be able to get through it

Not a wish to forget them and the scars they gave you

But a wish to be able to be proud of your scars instead


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