What a Turnaround!

Looks like someone's out of bed.

Eyes nice and clear

And your sheets are so clean.

What a turnaround! 

Keep this up and we can 

Take off those old bandages.

"Out of bed"

She said.

There's a pounding in my head,

And my limbs feel like lead.

I'm not out of bed,

I'm just not quite dead.

I'll make your bed

And then it's time to eat.

I think it's oatmeal and ham

In the cafeteria today.

You like that, right?

I won't take a bite

Not in this hell of white.

It would be a delight

To see some sunlight

But this jacket's so tight.

You're getting so thin

Dear, I wish you'd eat more

Don't skip lunch today

You need your iron.

The food is crud

And your staff is dud;

One fell with a thud

After they cleaned my blood.

How about this:

Eat your meal, and you can

Go to the infermary.

Oh joy,

Their messanger boy

Will undress me like a toy.

Your gause is dirty,

You'll infect your wrists!

I want my clot

To cause my rot.

Emergency in the psych ward!

My pain's been ignored.



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