What They Don't Understand


What They Don't Understand
She can dream...but she doesn't know if she can live...
Her future is that golden star that she wishes on every night, hoping to make those wild dreams come true. She plans for the future, which contains a full cup of possibilities and miracles that are waiting to happen. But the unpleasant truth still lingers in her thoughts. Facing reality. What is it that's pushing her back? What is she so afraid of?
Reality. The reality that those dreams will only stay just dreams and possibilities in her own personal utopia. The reality that is the anxiety that keeps her up at night, with thoughts about adoption, life and love.
What happens if the adoption fails?  The fear of waiting too long. She can't hold on to that tight rope any longer. She has a habit of hoping, wishing, waiting for the best...only to get the worst. Does anyone really care?
It's not the loneliness that likes to creep out at night, it's the ten thousand thoughts at 2:00 am that forces her to cry, to laugh, to ponder and to learn. She doesn't ask for much, she only wants little, but the little that she is so called going to be "granted" to her, is taking forever to process. In which her thoughts go back, does anyone really care? 
Tamara Douglas



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