What they don't tell you

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Your parents tell you when you are young,

your teachers tell you when you are in elementary school,

your teachers tell you in middle school,

your teachers tell you in high school,

your college professors joke about it,

but I never cared what they said.

I was going to do what I wanted.

I talked to a stranger,

they did not harm me,

they did not want anything from me,

I wanted something from them.

And, they gave me it.

The kind, warm, person in a suit gave me it,

he gave me HOPE.

Hope that I can do whatever with my life,

I didn't have to listen to those who "knew" better.

I was going to be an engineer.

Nothing was going to stop me.

Much like nothing stopped him after he was cut,

cut from his high school basketball team.

He was deemed to short to play Varsity basketball,

much like I wasn't "smart" enough for engineering.

But yet, he went onto the Basketball Hall of Fame,

and I am halfway through engineering,

both of us are now sitting pretty.

Dreams can still come true,

no matter what somebody says you "cannot" do.


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