What Stirs In Me

i will not bask in the river of your hate,or the sea of your so-called love

i will not float on the waves of lies and deception jus to be fooled again because i thought this was not an ordinary trip

my heart was very fragile,the vase in which my feelings were held

the vase made from the glass of uncharted places my heart had not yet dwelled

that beautiful vase that changed colors because everything it contained had its own memory,whether bad or good

but you knew what that vase,my heart,held

the love i felt for everyone that i ever cared about

those who made an impact on my life,and also yourself

and as i traveled those waters unseen to my eyes before,i felt a since of excitement and joy becuase maybe you were the one

the one to protect that vase,my heart,my soul

but as i got farther and farther down that that river i knew it was too late

at the edge i saw your waterfall,not the kind you see paradise but the one where the water caught on fire and hate and evil lurked


kute kate

Just Something I Wrote A While Ago...

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