What society did to her

Mon, 04/12/2021 - 16:59 -- Jo A

Can we hold onto the things that will keep us innocent or do we have to let go to grow so how much are you willing to give up for that little taste of freedom that I know you have been craving for a while but you haven’t been strong enough or so you think to go asking for the decisions you think you can make and you don’t know but I have been standing here quietly watching and waiting hoping that you would figure out that you never needed anyone’s permission all along because you are a forest fire powerful and destructive but you let yourself get put out so easily by other’s opinions of how you should be and I wish I could dry those tears that you think that no one see’s but you wouldn’t want anyone knowing that they actually get to you

I remember the conversation that you told me how your dad said you can’t take what they throw back at you and how you wished you could have said something better than what you did I remember thinking that you never needed their rejection but they gave it wrapped like an invitation, “come let yourself be torn apart, it will the fun”

I wanted to protect you from every person’s harsh words that threatened to tear your world apart but I knew that keeping society at bay was like trying to hold back the ocean from caving in a castle with just your hands so I tried to make sure you knew that you were never what they said you were but some days you just looked at me with those eyes that couldn’t decide what color to be and told me I didn’t know what I was saying because how could I say one thing when society had already agreed what to label you with so why couldn’t I just agree with society and quit trying to argue a fight that I just wouldn’t win



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