What should I say?



The page is blank

What should I write?


Should it be a sad poem?

How about a poem about death?

Love Poems?

What should I write?


You only write once

to get a point across

to portray a picture

to make an impact

What should I write?


But you can't write just once

It takes several attempts to create a masterpiece

More than one sketch

More than one draft.

What should I write?


The message is vital

Not the writing

What should I write?


Why hide the message in mumbled phrases?

Just say it out loud

If what they say is true

You only have one chance to get your message across.

What should I write?


I fear my opportunity is slipping

But this message must be clear

Writing is not a one time thing

but the message is.


So the question is no longer

What should I write but rather

What should I say?


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