What Right?

Mon, 05/13/2013 - 12:35 -- Jamilia


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(poems go here) What right?
What right?
What right do you have to criticize?
What right do you have to talk down about me?
You were never there!
You left and never looked back!
My life without you was just fine!
I was happy, without you!
Now, you walk into my life and Criticize!?
Oh, no! You will let me talk!
She raised me, not you!
She gave me life and helped me keep it!
She came to my graduation cried for me!
She helped me through the hard times of my life!
SHE was there, NOT YOU!
You have no right to Criticize!
You had the chance to come back!
The chance to get to know me, to raise me!
You took the easy way out and stayed away!
Do not walk into my life now and think you have some right!
Your rights were taken the day you decided to not come back for me!

What Right!?!
There are no rights!
You have no rights to my life!
You left, then came back!
Do me a favor and do what your good at!
And this time, stay away!

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