What Is Poetry If Not...

Wed, 07/05/2017 - 18:51 -- MARs

What is poetry if not the beating of a heart before it stops?
What is it if not the laughing of a child before the laughter is "too old"?
If not the silence before a storm, or the crickets before sleep, or the tears before acceptance, or the desperation before surrender?
What is poetry if not the creaking of a rocking chair that hasn't rocked in years?
What is it if not the singing of a choir in the presence of God?
If not the gentle assurance of a loving friend, or the aching of a soul longing for adventure, or the realization that life is an adventure.
What is poetry if not the adventure?
What is poetry if not life...?

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Our world


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

What is poetry without a platform to express ourselves
You provided a practical, yet in-depth idea on how our world will shape without all the essentials
Thank you for sharing
Well said, God bless you and keep writing


Thank you very much!

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