What Poetry is For

Poems are different worlds of rhyme,

Of freestyle, meter and syncopated time.

They provide a method of escape - of retreat,

For poems allow simple words to make an entire universe complete.


They contain passion that an outsider can't control,

But are raw emotions, feelings from the depth of the soul.

Expressing what is so difficult to understand,

Yet so easy when the words on a page come together unplanned.


No judgment or criticism comes when you write,

But rather an invitation for others to see your insight.

Exploring the topics of life and death that remain mysterious,

Questioning destiny and fate in a method so serious.


Revealing the true power of words that writing contains,

Poetry is eternal, it always remains.

I write for all these reasons and more.

After all, isn't this what poetry is for?


To feel with your mind the thoughts on a page,

To whisper the power the words engage.

The potential of the pen to express what can't be said

Poetry is written by those who wish it read.


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