To What Is a Poem?

To what is a poem that flows like the sea?

That creep like the night slowly up on me

To what words taste like an abunding smell?

The taste so sweet the feeling so well

Th way the poem dances across the page

The flow of each letter lighting up  way

To whom may understand such a wordy play

To whom may understand the meaning

On every word i'm gleaning

For just one chance to understand

To what is a Poem?


To what is a poem that whispers to me?

That draws me in, so hynotizing

The way it carries, its flawless sway

drowning me with its overcoming waves

Its words, captivating me with its sleigh charming ways

Seeping deep into my core

Each letter dousing me, its words crashing on my shore

Tearing me apart until I can't take it anymore

So to what is a poem?

I'll tell you once more

It's the feelings you can't say

So you write to escape



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