What Is A Mother?


United States
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What is a mother?
What is my mother?
What is she?
Can someone tell me?
No, well mom you tell me
Tell me, what I am supposed to see?
Is it perhaps love?
Well no it cannot hun
'Cause I find it hard to find
I've been searching but tick goes the time
I'm running out of patience
And I don't think you can make it
The deadline is approaching
And I can't keep on holdin'
To what? You say
To the woman who brings me pain
Who never washed away my tears
Who didnt help me conquer my fears
Who stood by while I grew up
Watched me as I stood up
To rise above to make it out
To not look back and leave the doubt

I'm sorry momma if this hurts
But all that pain, we didnt deserve
And all the broken promises still reside
And you were never there by my side
So I had to grow up and mature
And now I can say that I am more
All the hardships you put me through
Molded this girl to something new
And through it all I can stand here and say
That I love you momma and that'll never change
I want you to know that it's not you I blame
I understand what you were going through, the pain
I have forgiven you for what you've done
Its in the past and we have finally overcome.


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